At Oakfield Farm Equestrian Center, we teach hunt seat equitation and strive to provide a safe, fun environment for those who want to learn how to properly care for, ride, understand and appreciate horses and ponies. We want your experience here to be fulfilling, and train you to be the best rider you can be. All new students will be evaluated by trainer Kristi Harris and be placed in the group that best fits their skill level. Students with no previous riding experience will be required to take private lessons. This usually consists of about four lessons. Once a beginner student is able to independently handle their mount, they can move to a semi-private lesson to further enhance their skills. Then, at the discretion of the trainer, they can move to group lessons.

Beginners will be required to private lessons which will consist of a minimum of 4 lessons. Lessons are available Monday – Friday ONLY.

GROUP LESSONS ($55 / 60 min.) consist of a maximum of five students.

SEMI-PRIVATE LESSONS ($55 / 30 min.) consist of two students.

PRIVATE LESSONS ($70 / 30 min.) available at the discretion of the instructor.



Lessons will be offered on a scheduled basis once a week. The monthly cost will depend on how many days there are in the month for the day your lesson is scheduled. Barn lessons will be offered on rainy days and make-up lessons will be scheduled for excused absences. Excused absences include illness, family emergencies, out of town travel, etc. Monthly Package students will be given priority in all scheduling and activities. Make-up lessons will be scheduled when your lesson is scheduled on a holiday. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN THE FIRST SCHEDULED LESSON OF THE MONTH.

There will be a $25 charge on all returned checks.



Beginning with the first lesson, all riders will be taught how to properly groom and tack/untack their horses. This is a vital part of our lesson program. Therefore, beginners should plan to have 15-20 minutes of un-mounted instruction and 40-45 minutes of mounted instruction. Students who are skilled at tacking/untacking their mounts should plan to arrive at least 20 minutes before their scheduled lesson time in order to have their mount properly groomed and tacked and ready to enter the ring at the time of their lesson. Lessons will begin and end promptly at their scheduled time. After a lesson, every horse/pony must be cooled down, brushed/rinsed and returned to his/her pasture or stall. All tack and grooming supplies must be cleaned properly after every lesson and returned to their proper place. Please also allow at least 15 minutes after lessons to develop these skills. Parents should plan on being at the barn for at least 1-1/2 hours per lesson. Learning the responsibilities of caring for a horse/pony is an integral part of horsemanship.



All students must wear boots with a heel, preferably paddock boots or tall leather riding boots. ASTM-SEI approved helmets must be worn by all riders. We do have helmets available for your use, but we strongly recommend that you purchase your own to ensure the best fit. Riding breeches are preferred but not required. All of these items are available at Hunter’s Green Tack Shop (843-884-1545).



Lessons canceled by phone within 24 hours, except in emergency, are eligible for make ups. Make up times will be available at the discretion of the instructor. It is the rider or parent’s responsibility to contact the barn regarding both cancellation and make up lessons. Cancellations with eligibility for make ups are permitted ONLY for illness, religious reasons, and emergencies and are limited to ONE make up per month. All other cancelled lessons will be charged and forfeited. Vacations will be taken into consideration when ample advance notice has been given. Cancellations made by the barn for ANY reason are eligible for make ups. You will be notified of cancellations via e-mail.



The instructor may periodically provide a qualified and approved substitute instructor when they are sick, have an emergency, or are on vacation.ail.



Lessons will not be cancelled due to bad weather (rain, cold, heat, etc.). We will conduct un-mounted lessons on these days. It is our belief that un-mounted lessons are a vital part of our horsemanship program. We will cover such things as different parts of tack and how to fit, clean and care for your tack, horse anatomy and nutrition, proper grooming and horse care. The subject matter is endless!! Therefore, weather cancellations are not excused and will not be considered for make ups. There are no exceptions to this rule. Make ups will not be provided for students choosing not to attend un-mounted lessons.
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